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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 15, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>> vicki : now at eleven. police are investigating a deadly officer-involved shooting in the east bay. one person is dead. it happened in the area of 90th and bancroft avenues in oakland around 5-30 tonight. good evening, i'm vicki liviakis. kron 4's kate cagle joins us live with the latest details. kate. lo> >kate : that activity continues during the day today and police say that the person that they shot was possibly an unrelated event and they say
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that that person pointed this gun at them which turns out was a replica of fire arm, aa fake they pointed at the police helicopter video from our partnership with abc seven police seize several officers used their guns to shoot the suspect one witness said the to have it was a quiet night before the shooting do >>:i heard a loud sound that kind of sound like a shotgun and then i heard rapid-fire > >kate: we also have some video
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you can see online with all the activity and that is on our web site at kron 4 news >> vicki : three days after the savage terror attacks in paris. people gathered on the steps of san francisco city hall to mourn the dead and injured. kron 4's philippe djegal shares today's moving tribute and turnout for france. >> : this is shameful. this is barbaric. this is inhuman, as president obama said it clearly, it's a crime against humanity. >> phillipe :among the crowd of over one-thousand. a group of 14 year-old students on a trip from the south of france. >> : its, its, uh, horrible. >> phillipe :spectators, like the rest of us, watching the ripple effects of terror play out on television, while their
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country tries to heal. >> : some of our students were very scared, because some of their families or friends live in paris, or were in paris for special occassions. on the steps of city hall. >> : we're here devastated with sadness and horror. >> phillipe :pauline carmona, the first french female consul general in the united states, addresses the crowd in san francisco. >> : we stand. we're not afraid. >> phillipe :then a moment of silence, remembering those murdered in friday's coordinated attacks. >> : we have to be stronger than the terrorists of course, so anything positive helps. we also need to act at some point, but at this point, we just need to grieve. >> phillipe :with police snipers watching from above, and plenty of boots on the ground keeping an eye on the peaceful gathering. french national's vow not to be intimidated by terror. >> : we're certainly very sad. this event impact us, but in the long run, we won't stop going to the cafe, going to terra''s, going to movie -- uh, this won't change. >> : thank you. thank you for your support in such a difficult moment. >> phillipe :in san francisco,
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philippe djegal, kron four news. >> vicki : hundreds gathered this afternoon at cal state long beach for a vigil honoring the memory of a student who died while studying abroad in paris. 23-year-old nohemi gonzalez died friday after the city came under attack. a standing-room only crowd including students, faculty, and family members packed the ballroom inside the university student union. a design professor who knew gonzalez well says the el monte california resident was talented and admired throughout the whole department. >>:she had a very buoyant and choice personality and was extremely lively and extremely energetic >>:she was beautiful a gift of life we lost her >> vicki : gonzalez' mom says nohemi was put in an ambulance after the attack.but she died before she reached the hospital.
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the hunt is on for a man suspected in the french terror attacks -- that killed 129 people and wounded hundreds. belgium and french investigators want to find salah abdeslam. --salam police are calling him dangerous -- and belgium has issued an international warrant for his arrest. from our partners at c-n-n. erin mclaughlin has more on the investigation and the french response to the terror. > >erin: french fighter jets bombed isis sites in raqqa syria. the retaliatory strikes come two days after terrorists attacks in paris. attacks the french president calls an act of war by isis. belgium is among the nations avidly working to hunt down the perpetrators. the belgian federal prosecutor has issued an international arrest warrant for a man suspected of being involved in the of three brothers suspected of involvement. and police arrested at least seven people in belgium - allegedly in contact with the paris attackers - according to a senior belgian counter
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terrorism source as the bells of notre dam toll for the dead -- many people in paris still on edge and in fear. police officers with guns drawn -- stormed a makeshift memorial -- after a panic broke out among scared mourners. no one was injured. but it's a snapshot of the mood -- as extra officers patrol the streets. the trauma of the attacks still too raw -- but people here say they will stand together in the face of terror. >> : they won't win. they won't win. they are cowards and they won't win. >> phillipe :in paris - i'm erin mclaughlin reporting. >> vicki : a scary situation in san jose this afternoon after reports of an explosion came in. > >erin >> vicki : p-g-&-e stopped a gas line fire near a commercial building. it happened along harwood road
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near wyrick avenue just before 2 this afternoon. this is amateur video from one of our viewers. firefighters responded to flames. turns out a gas line ruptured. it happened at a vacant house. crews were able to get the fire out and no one was hurt. evacuations were not needed. gas lines were turned off for around thirty minutes. four people remain in critical condition after a double-decker tour bus crashed... injuring 20... in san francisco's union square friday. a spokesman for the city's general hospital says the status has not changed for the 2 men and 2 woman. 2 other men remain in serious condition... no word on the condition of the minor who was also taken to the hospital. over at st. francis hospital... one man is in stable condition a spokesman said today. the bus raced across two blocks and hit a bicylist, pedestrians and moving cars before ramming into scaffolding. the cause is still under investigation. ap-us--tour bus coming up. disturbing video shows two sheriff's deputies beating a suspect. how the sheriff's department is responding to the video. plus. unusual weather in centralwe show you the damage a
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>> vicki : new at eleven. students at san francisco state university are objecting to plans to give "pouring rights" to coco-cola, pepsi, or some other sugary drink company. the rights allow the winning company to sell all the fountain drinks at residence halls and sporting well as stock machines and campus stores. s-f-s-u released a request for proposals last spring. one student says she's furious that university officials would jeopardize students' health by promoting such unhealthy drinks. university presidnet leslie wong says the school has made no decisions and is trying to figure out whether to enter such an agreement. still ahead. pope francis speaking out about the recent terror attacks. his message to the french people. and the alameda sheriff's department under fire over newly released surveillance video. how the department is responding to reports of the alleged
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suspect beating. >> dave : we keep those winds of around in your forecast, and will have your forecast coming out
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sheriff's office has launched an internal investigation, after video of two of their deputies beating a man, has surfaced and gone viral. the attack happened a little after one thursday morning. the surveillance footage was released on friday. the deputies did follow all departmental procedures and reported that force was used in the confrontation, but as kron 4's alecia reid reports, the video is causing alarm. >> alecia :with his hands up, sheriffs deputies continuously beat this man with their batons. the confrontation started in the parking lot of the travellers inn in san leandro. deputies approached the suspect, that was sitting inside a stolen car. authorities say he rammed into a cruiser, knocking over a deputy, then headed for the 580. during the 38 minute chase, the driver made a quick stop in oakland. a rep from the alameda sheriff's office says even with speeds of over 100 miles per
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hour he couldn't shake the deputies, and headed across the bay bridge to san francisco. the chase ended on this block after the suspect crashed into a parked car then took off on foot. the footage that has now been made public is what surveillance video captured when the deputies caught up to him. >> : the deputies did find a gun at some point >> alecia :immediately after the incident, the deputies reported that force was used, and admitted to beating the suspect with their batons. >> : it's the video that caused the sheriff to say i want a further investigation >> alecia :the captain of internal affairs has taken charge of the investigation. >> : everybody up to and including the deputy that was hurt by this guy will be interviewed and made part of the investigation croatiafor now the deputies involved in the beating are on administrative leave. reporting in san francisco alecia reid kron 4 news.
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>> vicki : something out of the ordinary struck a central california town this afternoon.. a tornado... causing damage to structures and even knocked down trees. it happened in denair. about 13 miles southeast of modesto. officials say the tornado swept along a mile of road... it toppled trees and fences, shattered windows, and ripped off part of a church roof. the tornado came as another cold storm swept through the state. >>:our offense is down in our pool and our neighbors recycling is in oracle--our fence --in our pool >> vicki : the national weather service confirms a tornado touched down in denair--more than 80 miles from sacramento. the damage monday. no injuries have been reported. the national weather service is sending a survey team to look at
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the damage tomorrow. >> dave : locally strong and gusty northwest winds will continue into the evening.especially near the coast. showers will taper off through end by late in the evening. dry weather is forecast from monday through the end of the week. temperatures to 4 in.--2 to 4 inches wind advisory till 4 tomorrow here's the futurecast 4 this will be when reason why temperatures will not be as warm even though we're going to be seen a lot more son--seeing a
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lot more sun lower to middle sixties with castro valley at 62 there is a little disturbance >> vicki : new at eleven. pope francis is again condemning the paris attacks.calling it "blasphemy" to use the name of god to justify "violence and hatred." the pope expressed shock at the "barbarity" of the attacks and told followers in st. peter's square on sunday that, quote "we wonder how can it come to the heart of man to conceive and carry out of such horrible events." francis expressed his deepest condolences to french president francois hollande and to the french people. facebook is taking some flak for activating its safety check feature after the terrorist attacks.
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the feature allowed facebook users in the area to notify their friends they are safe. it had been used only five times before, after some natural some people later asked why facebook didn't activate that feature after thursday's deadly bombings in beirut, lebanon. c-e-o mark zuckerberg wrote that facebook's policy until saturday was to activate safety check only for natural disasters. but he said the feature will now be turned on after some human disasters as well. in sports. we go around the n-f-l to see the touching tributes.teams across the nation held for the victims of the paris attacks. and steph curry.on pace for a record year leading the un- defeated warriors. j-r has a look back on the reigning m-v-p's week and all the sports.coming up
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>> j.r. :the nfl held a tribute to remember those killed in france in seattle friends drag--the french flag was side bys ide with teh american flag--with the american
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and in new york you can see marines displaying the french flag the raiders trying to come back after their tough loss last week. they had a moment of silence connecting with him for the touchdown here with the vikings striking first and early and they would not slow down clyde for the score carr is looking for his man he comes down with the ball and a leader in the drive--later in teh driver,--the drive, they take the lead ensuing kickoff returned 93
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yards for the touchdown lead stripped away from raiders raiders in the red zone picked off by newman 2nd interception of the day to top it off, 2 minuets left, peterson breaks off for 80 yards --2 minutes raiders lose to minnesota >>:we talked about three things
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that we had to get done. we had to stop pettersson and we did not do that/ it is hard to lose and you have to rely on your foundation and what to believe this i always stayed the same person and keep working that is all i know how to do is work hard >> j.r. :the warriors did not play today but here is a taste of what this week looked like.
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another three curry with another three- pointer >> vicki : so you said there is no more rain correct? >> dave : are seven day forecast looks pretty good--our a little chilly along the coast but we'll take the warm weather
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everywhere else cor >> vicki : that's it for the kron 4 news at 11. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news at kron 4 dot com. or download one of our mobile apps. we'll see you tomorrow morning!
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>>. "the weekend insider" from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> away from my family, away from gwen. you could get a bit lonely. >> all eyes on gavin with rumors he tweeted on gwen with the nanny. >> my life blew up in my face. >> part of the good week. >> bad week. >> i saw you and danny share a kiss. >> did you? >> including july why's date night pda and khloe's complicated love triangle. >> you're dating two guys. >> i'm not gating two guys. >> okay. >> and the biggest tv franchises. >> energetic outgoing women. >> housewives creator andy cohen breaks down his ultimate disaster piece theater. >> i do play referee. >> stop!


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